You do not know who is calling you? Discover ways to check this out!

Deaf phones – they happen to each of us and often! Do you think that it is a child’s game with the passing of messages on your ear? No, we are talking about real telephone calls, during which our interlocutor does not speak or even pick up the handset. Do you think this problem is trivial? Maybe – but believe you can lose a lot of money because of him. How is this possible? This is unfortunately not a stupid joke. There are phone fraudsters who have their own proven ways of making a crime, using a cell phone and calls made from it. A deaf phone is just one of those ways.


Do you see that an unknown or restricted number is calling you? How do you know who the owner is? So why are so many of us risking and taking away, even though we are aware of the real threat. It’s all the fault of our ordinary curiosity, which pushes us to such actions. So how many have you decided to answer a call from an unknown number? You may hear a broken signal on the other side of the headset – the red warning light should be lit at this moment. This is an attempt to check the news of the number by the cheater. Just pick up the phone and say “listen?” So that the scammers get a signal that they can start the fraud procedures. Your number goes to the list of active numbers, and you are oblivious.

unknown number

If the specified time passes – such that we manage to forget about the previous phone – it will call again. Just like the first time it will be a restricted number, so that we do not associate the number with the previous phone that was deaf. Is this not thought out ?! Next, the cheater works quickly – for example, he impersonates a bank employee and asks for personal data to be verified. What data should inspire our vigilance? First of all, the name, bank password, expiration date of the credit card, registered address or other important personal information. Why should the bank’s employees provide such data? Exactly – these are just the issues of a cheater who is trying to use our naivety.


The cheater, however, was smarter and he was able to talk to you at least. Did he get the data he needed? It depends only on you. Now he will call your bank and pretend to be yours to clear your account from all or most of the outflows. It can also change your personal data so that correspondence is sent to him and not to you. After some time you log in to your bank account, and what’s up? Zero! There is nothing! Just how to prove that someone cheated you? It will be very hard to do it.


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