You do not know who called? We give you tips on how to check it out!

Did you know that there are different types of websites on the web that quickly and easily find out who called you from an unknown number. If you think it’s not easy or effective to test it – you do not even know how wrong you are. The Internet gives us a lot of different possibilities – we are no longer dependent on thick volumes of phone books that have to be constantly searched for a particular number.

You see that your phone rings, you look at the screen – you do not know this number, or it’s in your contact book. What now? Receive? Or maybe they want to sell me a set of pots again? This dilemma certainly also affected you.


Of course, there are Polish websites where users warn each other about suspicious contacts. After entering a phone number, you can also check which debt collection company or which products are trying to push the telemarketer’s caller. However, they are based only on the number of users added and what appears in the comments, and these may be contradictory.

First of all research attitudes – on the Internet you will find plenty of sites where other users inform each other about suspicious numbers that are better not to receive. Enter your phone number to find out whether it is a debt collection company or what type of telemarketing is being carried out – who knows what product you might be interested in? The users themselves add comments with information about the number, but sometimes the number is not in the database, or the comments of the Internet users seem to exclude.


In addition to the services we mentioned, you can also choose a tool that can be more effective. There are services with billions of bases of telephone numbers from around the world. How it’s possible? Just have a Google or Microsoft account, sign in to the site and see who was calling us this time.

How does this service know the number of numbers? The whole process is to provide a user interface that allows you to access the phone book on your phone – the service can implement the numbers to your base and then share them with others.

Did you know that there are also mobile applications that allow you to check the connection number in real time? This is a convenient solution that should appeal to you. As you can see how many people are calling you, choose the best one for you and enjoy the will!