Where does the marketer get my phone number?

Many of us think that a day without a phone is not allowed to happen. These compact devices have been known for many years as our companions, who have long since ceased to serve us exclusively for making calls, becoming a source of entertainment and access to news. Unfortunately – large corporations have begun to use phones as a tool of work, using our attachment to having a smartphone on their side. Although the issue of phone marketing is regulated by law, we are often exposed to unwanted calls. As a result, the question arises – where does the marketer actually know my phone number? We will answer this question!

The right to defend the consumer

Beginning with the regulatory issues that are binding in Poland – since 2014 legal power has taken over the amendment of telecommunications law. What does she decide? Above all, it concerns the issue of consent for the processing of personal data by companies. We also have the full right to cancel your consent in a free and simple way. The amendment was designed to give consumers the ability to conveniently manage their personal data, and also address privacy issues. The effect was to build a barrier for unwanted phones from intrusive telemarketers. We often forget about reasoning and when signing contracts we give companies the opportunity to contact us by phone.


Who has my phone number?

Before we start wondering where the next unknown number is, let’s do a quick check on your conscience. If we have recently signed any contract, for example with a mobile operator (but this may apply to virtually any industry). In addition to the signature of a transaction at the end of the document, we usually expect short terms, which we usually sign without a long reflection. In the meantime, we expressly agree to use our data for marketing purposes.


Another popular way to get phone numbers is by using network channels. For example, if we consciously subscribe to a store newsletter, website, or any other platform, it is important to read who we actually share our data with. Sometimes agreeing to receive such newsletters, we also agree to contact marketing.

That is why, instead of going head over who is hiding under an unknown number – it is worth recalling a few past situations. Perhaps we have recently signed up for a newsletter? It is important to know who we are deciding to share our data with, as we agree to receive information by email, we also agree to the marketing phones.

If there is a situation where we will be insistently harassed by an unknown number and the screen of our phone is literally overwhelmed with connections – we may try to check it by using a convenient, web-based phone number search. The vast majority of these types of portals remain free – it is often the only way to find out who is behind the harassing connections. What is a search engine? Users who have had any contact with the holder of this number are sharing it with the rest of the community to warn them or calm down.