Telemarketing in a nutshell, who is harassing you with unsolicited phones?

You always have it with you – you can say that it is your constant companion, who will help you in handling all sorts of responsibilities. It’s easy to make an appointment with your dentist or order a Chinese takeaway – it will be useful when looking for a taxi. In a word, it’s a lot easier to do everyday things. What are you talking about? About a mobile phone! But does his possession have any dark side? Yes, we talk to them telemarketer.

Why do not we like telemarketers? How much venom, hepatitis and hatred in internet users? Why do so many complaints on urgent phones? How do they know my phone number and why are they calling me with an offer I do not need?

Why did this profession become so hated? Where in humans are such dislocations, which appear mainly on the Internet. Complaints on urgent phones have no end – each one of us was wondering not once, where did the telemarketer get my number and why is it ringing at me? In addition to this most often the offer that is to be handed over is not particularly interesting to us.


Who are telemarketers? We can call them consultants or customer advisors – they are either employed in call centers and carry out various duties. Let’s start with the division into the direction of the telephone traffic – telemarketers can call, that is, make outgoing calls, or receive incoming calls.


Why do we direct the bad emotions to the people who are doing the phone to us? In case we need contact in connection with any problem or need – the telemarketer may be our savior. Finally, we know the answers to the questions we have. If he can help us – we are willing to praise the company for a great service!

Let’s go back to the callers – why do they do it so often and boldly? First of all – not as often as it might seem. Research shows that the average person in Europe receives far less marketing calls than people in western Europe or the United States. Telemarketing is also limited by Polish law.

You do not usually call the actual service or television provider, but only the outside company that you have been employed to do this job. If you end up with a contract or subscription – you can expect many phones. However, if the company that makes the phone has not received a complete set of information about you, and only the name and phone number – you may find that there is a misunderstanding and you will have the service you have long been offered. Unfortunately, such unprofessional conversations happen quite often and are the cause of annoyance.

Remember that a telemarketer is also a man and his behavior is often due to necessity rather than bad intentions.