Meet the tried and tested methods of naming telemarketers!

Are you in possession of a private cellphone? Certainly you have been a participant in a conversation with a telemarketer who offered you a great offer or other service that you do not need. Telemarketers can be very troublesome and call even a few or dozen times a day! And you are on the head – who and what is calling for you? You can be almost sure that there is an enthusiastic telemarketer waiting for you on the other side, who is very interested in presenting you the currently promoted product. Its purpose is to finalize the purchase, which is why it will be adamant. However, you can get to know a few tried and tested ways to effectively deal with unwanted calls and interlocutors.

Did you know that many telemarketing companies operate according to the principle that the telemarketer can end calls only after hearing three refusals. Does every company comply with this principle? Certainly not, but who will stop us from trying?


The next way to an intrusive telemarketer is to remember during the conversation that we are just staying abroad. When the interlocutor will try to find out when we are returning to the country and we may be interested in the offer, it is worth giving a very distant date, which the telemarketer will notice and in effect until it expires, he will not make calls to us. Quickly and efficiently! It is worth a try!

Have you tried to get rid of the telemarketer by telling him you do not have time? This will certainly work, but for many people, personal culture does not allow such behavior. However, if you are missing out on time, expect to see your phone at a later date because you encouraged the telemarketer to try again at another time.


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Are you talking to a telemarketer and hearing that your conversation will be recorded? It’s great – you can tell him that you do not want to record a conversation. After such a clear message, he is forced to end the conversation as soon as possible. If we stay with our opinion, it often happens that he puts down the phone and does not call us anymore.

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Are you a born joker and have a spare moment? Talk to the telemarketer for a moment. Take the initiative in a conversation and ask about personal matters. He will certainly be shocked by this attitude, but we only want to get to know the person with whom we are lucky enough to talk. Political discussions or what’s better – religious are also good. Most often, the interlocutor gives up after a while and ends the conversation. Each way is good, just try them all and choose the most effective one!

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